2 West Memphis

Information for Owners, Residents and Visitors
2 West GE Patterson Ave, Memphis TN 38103

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Visitor parking is available in front of the building on GE Patterson or along Front Street.
Parking in the Blue Monkey / Corkscrew parking lot or on Mina avenue (behind 2 West) is not recommended as your vehicle may be towed.
Be careful not to park your vehicle where it will obstruct the trolley tracks!


Browse this site for additional information about gate code access, pets, internet access, etc.



Parking spots in the parking lot behind 2 West are reserved for residents of 2 West. If a suspicious or unauthorized vehicle is parked in the lot contact the police and notify EZR.
To request a new or additional parking lot assignment, submit a request to the HOA


The parking area is under 24 hour video surveillance 7 days a week and is recorded. Live streams can be viewed from iPhone and Android devices by using the free 'Night Owl Lite' application.
Contact the HOA for information about how to configure the Night Owl Lite app to view the video streams. Unfortunately there is no way to view the live streams from Windows devices at this time.

Gates & Access Codes


Each resident has a personal 4-digit access code which should be kept private for the safety and security of the residents.
Visitors can look up and call residents via phone using the call box at the front gate. Pressing the 0 key on your phone will remotely open the front gate for the visitor calling.

Changing Your Access Code and/or Phone Number

To change your access code, submit a request to EZR
Include your name, unit number, current pin and new phone number (if applicable)

Using Your Access Code

See the listing below for the format to use for each gate

Winter Tip!

When exiting, the front gate unlocks when touched by human skin. If you are wearing gloves the gate will not unlock unless you touch your wrist or some other skin to the handle.



The rooftop is open to all residents and visitors and does not need to be reserved.


There is no service who maintains the rooftop area. It is maintained by those who use it.
Please be courteous and help keep the rooftop clean and organized.
Trash and other food items that are left behind attract wasps and other insects as well as interfere with those who wish to use the rooftop after you.


To enable gas flow to the grill that is connected directly to the gas line, locate the safety valve on the gas line near the floor and turn the dial to the number of hours you need the grill to be on (up to 3 hours).
A propane tank must be supplied for the other grill by the user. The HOA does not maintain a propane tank for this grill at this time.



Pets are allowed and welcome at 2 West. Please be courteous to your neighbors and keep pets restrained, quiet and non-destructive.

Dog Pick-up

It is illegal to leave dog waste in public areas including the common areas inside the 2 West building.
Residents are encouraged to confront and/or report anyone to the police who breaks this law.

Internet & Cable TV

Public Internet

Internet access is available in common areas using the wifi '2westguest'. The password is 'guest'.

Private Internet

Residents may choose any internet provider for their own residence. The HOA fees do not provide internet access for any private residence.


Residents may choose any cable television service provider for their own residence. As of February 1, 2015 the HOA fees do not provide cable television service for any private residence.



The fitness area is open to all residents and visitors and does not need to be reserved.


All equipment in the fitness area has been donated by residents. To donate additional equipment, submit a request to the HOA.


Individuals are reponsible for their own safety and health while using the equipment in the fitness area.


There is no service who maintains the fitness area. It is maintained by those who use it.
Please be courteous and help keep the fitness area clean and organized.


Storage Units

Each unit is assigned one storage unit in the basement. Contact the HOA for the storage unit number assigned to your unit or to request a change.

Common Areas

Only bicycles are allowed to be stored in common areas. Any other items left in hallways, stairways or other common areas are considered donations to the facility to be managed by the HOA.
To request a temporary exception contact the HOA.



The USPS delivers mail to 2 West in the late afternoons / evenings, usually between 3-5 PM

UPS, Fed Ex and others

These companies have an access code to the building so that deliveries can be made to individual residents.
Occasionally the delivery person will not have the access code and need to contact you using the directory located at the front gate.
For this reason it is recommended that you maintain the correct contact information for this directory.

Trash & Recycling

Trash collection

Trash is to be disposed of in the blue dumpster located in the corkscrew parking lot outside of the 2 West parking area.
The dumpster is emptied daily, a service provided by the Blue Monkey and the Corkscrew.
Do not leave trash next to the dumpster or in the parking area. It will not be collected.


There are no recycling services available to the residents of 2 West